Where have I been?

In the Kitchen, ofcourse!

Last few weeks, I have been either busy with work, or cooking in the kitchen, and trying out new things. Among the recent experiments during the past two weeks are:

  • Cheese and Macaroni (and veggies!)
  • Strawberry tartelettes
  • Stuffed colorful bell peppers
  • fleur de courgette (zucchini flowers)

I decided to go to the march̩ proven̤al in Antibes to do the regular fresh vegetable shopping instead of the normal weekend trip to the Carrefour supermarket. It was a refreshing change Рseemed like I am back in the bhaji market of Malad (w) with Maa Рonly all the haggling was in french :)

I first tasted the fleur de courgette at a french home last week – I became instant fan of the dish and tried to reverse engineer the dish – almost there, but something is still missing. This doesnt let me down – I am going to try again next Sunday and see if I can remake it the way I first tasted it.

May be, inspired by Runa’s cooking blog, I should start my own instead of twitpic-ing the pictures? Let us see.


  1. Barkha Sep 20

    “seemed like I am back in the bhaji market of Malad (w) with Maa”

    lol … cooking as I see is a survival skill … I can cook a thing or two which is all that I need.

  2. sankarshan Sep 21

    The cooking blog is a nice idea actually. Gets you to appreciate tiny details like setting up the food for a photo or, even the look and feel of the food. Generally, food, even good food, just gets put on the table and then noisily relished.

  3. barkha Sep 21

    @Veresane: Did you screw up with names in the first comment here or was it my WordPress? :P And you should cook and get me something!!

    @Sankarshan: Yes, I know! I have been thinking about it.. and in my kitchen, you have no clue how fast good food disappears. *poof*

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